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CHANKY joins GameAgents CS:GO roster

Updated: Jan 4

Some of you already saw this coming! It's official now. Bodgan "CHANKY" Șerban has joined our CS:GO roster!

For a while, our roster included Cristi "smekk" Flutur alongside markk, s0und, regali and RENNE. Smekk is being replaced by CHANKY as the team felt that these changes were important to ensure continuous future success.

CHANKY recently played with team ROYALS, a mix European roster before joining GameAgents.

We are very happy to have him in the team, and we wish him and the whole roster the best of luck for the future! We are confident that this roster change is for the better. Keep an eye out on the website as the next ESEA season is starting very soon! We are ready to dominate the scene in 2021. Here is some small dose of CHANKY! We are sure you will all be seeing more clips like this in the near future!

CHANKY's Socials. Make sure to give him a follow: Instagram , Twitter ,YouTube

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